St Mary’s Church, St Fagans

Exterior of church in St Fagans

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Baptism at the font


The baptism of a child, sometimes called a Christening, recognises that every child is a previous gift, made in God’s image and likeness.

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The death of a loved one, a family member or friend, often brings with it a deep sense of loss, pain or shock. Grief is unpredictable and there are few words that help immediately.

A funeral can express a range of thoughts and feelings through readings, prayers and music that offer a chance to say farewell and a glimpse of hope in God’s promises.

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St Mary’s Church in the heart of St Fagan’s Village. The village is situated west of Cardiff which is also home to St Fagan’s National Museum of Welsh Life. 

The original church of St Mary’s was founded in the 12th century.  Little is known of the form of the church then except that it would have been in the Norman style and essentially simple in construction.

Further development took place over the following eight centuries in three main stages. First the change to the Decorated style in the 14th century, the addition of the tower in the 18th century and lastly the substantial restoration during the Victorian period including the major addition of the north aisle and vestry.



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